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25 mai 2006

Mango Cheese cake

A very nice summer dessert, after a grill party. I made it for the first time in France, I needed to find a dessert after a tahitian meal and it was simply delicious....I still had in mind the delicious cheese cakes I ate during my year in Miami but I also remembered how heavy cream cheese was, so I decided to replace cream cheese by curd cheese (Fromage blanc in french)...and the result was really nice. Mango is also a very fresh fruit and has a "milky" texture which fits perfectly with the cheese cake...But enough is the recipe! Enjoy!


Ingredients - Ainekset (for 6/Kuudelle)

250 g speculos biscuits/ kaneli keksit
60 g butter/voita
500 g curd cheese /rahka
150 g sugar/sokeria
50 g flour /vehnäjauhoa
3 big eggs/ 3 isoa munaa
50 g crème fraiche /ranskalainen crème fraiche
2 mangos /mangoa

Crush the speculos biscuits, melt the butter and mix those two ingredients together to make some kind of paste. Put that mixture in the bottom of pan, and press evenly around the bottom. Bake in the oven 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

In the meanwhile, pour in the mixer: curd cheese, crème fraiche, eggs, sugar and flour. Mix those ingredients until you reach a smooth mixture.
Pour that on top of the biscuits in the pan and bake for 30 minutes at 150 degrees.
After taking the cake out of the oven, let it cool, place in the refrigerator. 10 minutes before serving dress mango slices on top of the cake and serve cool!

Bon appétit!

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    Ciao, benvenuta nel mondo dei foodblogger! Il tuo dolce mi ispira tantissimo, sai? Forse anche perché sono mango-dipendente

    Posté par Kja, 25 mai 2006 à 18:07
  • Ciao Kjaretta e benvenuta...
    Sei la prima persone a scrivere sul mio blog...e adesso veramente e diventato universale...avevo scritto in francese, inglese et finlandese e i primi commentati sono in italiano!
    Mi piacevano tanto questi foodbloggi, oggni giorno vado a vedere cosa c'è di nuovo! Adesso anch'io la faccio!
    Ci sentiamo...

    Posté par Julie, 25 mai 2006 à 19:25
  • Che bella idea la cheesecake con il mango

    Posté par Francesca, 25 mai 2006 à 20:36

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