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29 juin 2006

American rhapsody, episod 2: The cookies

My trip to the States continued today... As I was remembering more and more past experiences with american food something nice came up to my mind. When I was around 14-15 I made very good friend with an american couple who was living in our house in Italy because the husband was a marine sent for three years in the Aviano american air base.
They were from Sacramento (CA) and as all the american families living in Italy they had taken with us everything from the US: cars, furnitures and country music!!
This base is very amazing, it is like a part of America in the middle of Italian countryside...Imagine a huge area, closed and under surveillance where you can find an american hospital, supermarkets, videorenting place, hairdresser, clothes stores and so on...

So Jenn, the wife, became my friend, actually at 14 I was very interested to be friend with somebody older than me (she was 19...) and american. It was the period of my american dream, I was listening country music all the time, collecting everything related to the USA and working hard on my english.
Jenn was making some very nice cookies, which I really loved: peanut butter cookies and chocolate chips cookies. When I tasted those cookies I was never going to eat industrial cookies anymore (even though Jenn's cookies were probably as much industrial as the ones we used to buy in France! ).
I used to eat those cookies together with huge glasses of Cool aid (I was addicted to it...)
So I tried to bring up the memories back to my kitchen and decided to mix the two-so-loved-cookies with making peanut-chocolate chip cookies...


Here are the ingredients...
80 g of butter
120 g of brown sugar
100 g of white flour
1 egg
1/2 tspoon of baking powder
a handfull of roasted sweet peanuts
2 tbspoon of chocolate chips

First I mixed the butter to make it soft and then added the sugar to eat and beat just a little bit. I added the egg and then the white flour+baking soda. The mixture should be a bit hard. Then I added peanuts and chocolate chips and finally baked it in the oven 200 degrees for around 10 minutes.

NB: I didn't have roasted peanuts, just a bag of unsalted peanuts which I crushed, pealed. I poured them in the oven plate, covered with 3 tbspoons of sugar and 1/2 tbspoon of water,mixed the whole thing and then baked for 20-30 minutes in the oven 225 degrees. They were just as expected, roasted with a nice caramel covering.


They were very good, quite sweet now I cannot imagine I was eating this and drinking such a sweet drink as cool aid but...times and tastes change!

Soon some new adventures!!

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    Gorgeous this cookies

    Posté par Fabienne, 01 juillet 2006 à 08:10
  • wonderfull!

    Posté par Alhya, 01 juillet 2006 à 09:43

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